Our Unique Approach to Wellness

iGlobalWellness offers Corporate Health & Wellness programmes with a difference.

Where other programmes may engage only a small group of people, our programmes have been specifically designed to get ALL employees involved.  They are inclusive, engaging, sustainable and most importantly fun!

Our activities appeal to all - the 20% of people already involved in health and fitness, the 50% who aspire to be active and are looking for a way to do so and the 30% who have not yet come to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  We make it our aim to create Health & Wellness activities that are appealing and achievable for all.

iGlobalWellness is the leader in our field.  We are the first organisation to provide comprehensive empirical data to our partners, enabling companies to build a a measurable and valuable Health & Wellness programme.

"iGlobalWellness provides an excellent service that is an integral part of the global Energy for Performance programme. For the last three years you have provided a consistently high level of level of service and have always delivered even in a number of particularly challenging locations. I look forward to working with you to continue this support as iGlobalWellness have been instrumental in the success of our wellness programme."

 - Estelle Potter - Change Project Manager - Employee Health, Safety and Performance - GSK

"I am one of the team in Human Resources that set up the challenge for the Trust, there is a great buzz about it here and I am thrilled to see how it is progressing."

- Zoe, HR, Chester and District Housing Trust

"Some of our teams have now starting skipping in the office for 5 minutes on the hour, every hour! Its great to see the positive effect the challenge is having on our employees!"

- Sarah, HR, Affinion International

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